Hey ill start this post of with the word of the day which is skedaddle!!! well I got to skedadle


Everything But the Continental Breakfast: Hotels, Inns, and More on WordPress.com

I absolutely love this photograph because of the bright blue of the water and how the dock is falling apart I just love it!

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WordPress.com is home to millions of great blogs and lots of great websites, from small businesses to schools to hotels. Forget your travel agent — you can find places to stay from New Zealand to New Mexico on WordPress.com.

Since we launched WordPress.com/hotels in April, hundreds of inns, guesthouses, motels, and more around the world have used it to create sleek sites that show off their amenities and locations. Here are a few of the places we love (and want to visit!).

Amy’s Place

Amy’s Placeuses the Stay theme — created specifically to show off hotels and inns to their best advantage — to highlight a picture-perfect tropical setting that makes any reader want to book a trip ASAP:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.23.40 PM
(If you’re ready to call your travel agent, you’ll need tickets to Sumatra, Indonesia.)

She uses Stay’simage slider to highlight a different beguiling photo for each of her whimsically-named…

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First post:)

Hey everybody this is my first post and I wanted to just hi!! 

Have you ever wanted to be a movie producer or an author but you just got to lazy and stopped after the script or in the middle of writing the book.  Well that happens to me all the time this is probably the closest thing that I am going to get to writing a book.  The famous word of the day is “flabbergast.”  The quote of the day is “no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.”  That was the quote and word of the day. I will have that every post just to let you know.